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About Us


Recently graduated Sorors returning from college to Harrisburg, their home community, are credited with the idea of organizing themselves in 1956. They were very anxious to carry out the ideals and goals for which our beloved Sisterhood was founded. Thus, the Sorors living in Harrisburg and nearby vicinities were given permission to organize,”The Epsilon Pi Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.”

Appropriate action to be formally incorporated into the Grand Chapter was taken. Meanwhile, four women in the Harrisburg vicinity were invited and initiated into the sorority and became Charter Members. Epsilon Pi Sigma was changed to “Harrisburg Alumnae” according to a Grand Chapter revision. The incorporation took place, Saturday February 1, 1958 at the Boyd Center of the Harrisburg Women’s Christian Association. Grand Chapter officers presiding over the ceremonies were Soror Jennie D. Taylor, Regional Director of the Eastern Region and Soror Dorothy P. Proctor, Grand Chapter Coordinator. Our first worship service as a chapter was held at the Capital Presbyterian Church, Rev. H. Lee, Pastor, February 2, 1958.

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